Welcome to Faith Church!

We are Christians; people who follow Jesus.  We are people saved by Jesus.  We are the universal expression and gathering of the Christian faith.  We are also a local gathering, a local body, of people who follow Jesus.

Our purposes here at Faith Church include the following:  To join the Spirit in forming an authentic, encouraging, and accountable community that reflects the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  To clarify the ongoing blessings and responsibilities of each member.  To encourage consistency, accountability, and loving unity within the Church Body.  And to accomplish God’s call for Faith Church to be a community of Hope, Open hearts, Mercy, and Encouragement.

We welcome you to join us every Sunday morning for Sunday School and Worship. All ages are welcome and encouraged to join in! Hope to see you on Sunday.

Welcome H.O.M.E!