It is Finished – 11/17/2019

John 19:25-30
“It is Finished” What was He talking about? What is “it”?

Jesus was talking about his whole life and what he had done, from the time before the earth was created.

John 4:34 – Jesus’s “meat” or food was to do the will of God and to accomplish or finish His work. The disciples asked how they should pray – The Lords Prayer was the answer. Thy will be done, that is what sustains your life and your purpose is to accomplish the will of God. We all are doing the same thing but in different ways. Just because someone else isn’t doing what you are called to do, doesn’t mean they aren’t working towards the will of God. God is a specific and personal God and His interaction in our lives is personal.

Its important to learn to do and do the will of God.

Matthew 7:21 Just because people know the right words to say, doesn’t mean they are going to enter His kingdom. He has a will for your life and if you allow Him to, he will execute it to the fullest in your life. To perform the will of God, we need to be obedient and say yes! Obedience vs Righteousness in light of doing the will of the father.

Matthew 6:33 our righteousness comes from Christ and obedience to his will. It comes from doing the will of God.

John 5:30 – We cannot accomplish anything on this world without Christ
When Jesus said it is finished, he was talking about accomplishing the will of God.

2 Tim 4:6-8 finished the race, accomplished the will of God.

Posted by Ryan Trostrud in Sermons